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Workers’ Compensation Resources

Workers’ compensation can be a confusing and frustrating process but there are some resources to point you in the right direction.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission oversees the Workers Compensation System in Louisiana and you can access their website at the link below.

There are links for Employer and Employees. The Employer link contains the most information. You can find information about the current mileage rate and max and min comp rate here.

The link for the Medial Treatment Guidelines is below.

There is a link for most forms used in a typical claim.

There are also several organizations that advocate for the rights of injured workers. They are:

Of interest to some injured workers is whether an OSHA violation has occurred. OSHA can be contacted at the link below.

Social Security Disability can be applied for online at:

Longshore and Harbor Workers information can be obtained through the United States Department of Labor.