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Employees get injured regardless of how dangerous their work might be. What is more, an injury may affect an individual’s capacity to work and make a living. I am attorney Brad Price, and I dedicate my legal practice entirely to standing up for the rights of injured workers.

Throughout my years as a workers’ comp lawyer in Louisiana, I have witnessed firsthand the consequences that negligence and occupational hazards could bring to a worker’s life. Although some injuries may be common in statistical terms, I understand that behind every number, there is an individual with bills to pay and whose life may substantially change due to an injury.

Some Common Types Of Injuries

Work-related injuries may result from occupational hazards or incidents that might have been preventable. Some common injuries at the workplace include:

  • Injuries due to repetitive motion: An example of this type of injury is office workers who have to type all day, leading to illnesses like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Falls: Trips or slips and falls are commonly due to someone else’s careless actions. Injuries range from bruises, sprained ankles and sprained wrists to broken bones or even back injuries, to mention a few.
  • Overexertion: Such injuries may occur in any industry and could be prevented by providing proper training and suitable work equipment to employees.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: This type of accident occurs beyond the transportation industry’s scope. Injuries may be catastrophic and go from cuts and abrasions to spinal cord injuries or even death.

Other accidents include employees struck or caught by objects. The consequences of injuries could even require applying for disability benefits, which can be either partial, total, temporary or permanent benefits. From the first consultation, I will be straightforward about your options in your situation. As I take your case, you can rest assured that you will have an attorney who will work tirelessly to obtain the benefits and financial welfare you deserve.

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