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A Former Defense Counsel Advocating For Your Workers’ Compensation

No one is – or rarely is – prepared for an accident. This is perhaps one of the reasons why insurance companies may attempt to take advantage of injury victims. But you have rights, and we are here to discuss them and protect your best interests.

At The Price Law Firm, my team and I strive to protect your rights after suffering an accident while on the job. I have devoted my professional career to protecting injured workers after spending some time decades ago working for a large compensation defense law firm. During that time, I realized that our clients’ interests and welfare were not the priority, and that they needed assertive, skilled and transparent legal guidance.

Extensive Experience Working In Your Favor

Your best interests are always at the heart of everything my team and myself do. When it comes to workers’ comp in Louisiana, employers must provide all their employees with these benefits when injured on the job.

However, some businesses and corporations may be exempt from this rule, including railroad workers, landmen and employees ruled by federal laws. Therefore, it is vital to work with an attorney who has the experience in your industry and is familiar with the exceptions in play.

Some of the benefits included in workers’ comp are medical care from your choice of medical providers, lost wages, and partial or total disability benefits. Workers who cannot return to their regular activities after an accident may also receive vocational rehabilitation benefits.

Although it is a right most injured employees have, employers or insurance companies may deny comp benefits, or not tell you what is available. It is crucial to discuss your situation as soon as possible as there are time limits for defending your rights.

During an initial consultation, I will be straightforward about what I can do for your case. For example, I will:

  • Evaluate your situation according to the particulars of your accident
  • Ensure you understand your rights, what you are entitled to and potential scenarios
  • Build a solid legal strategy to recover your workers’ comp benefits, appeal a decision when required and maximize your benefits

I know that getting a lawyer to make your case may seem impossible at this point. However, talking to an experienced and compassionate attorney can help you realize that you have options worth fighting for. I am ready to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

You Have A Free Consultation

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